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Mid-summer heaven.

Maybe the last week of July is not a time for cooking. The food comes from the plants ready for your consumption. It is hard to improve upon the tomatoes I’ve been bringing in. But I am a little proud of this birthday cake that I made.Image

From scratch and almost entirely out of gluten. Hopefully I will not be harmed by having inhaled the floury air.

Anyway, it’s late July. This evening after the rain subsided and shortly before the sunset I went out listening for the songs of frogs that I have been meaning to pay some attention to for oh about 7 years now. The internet has made it so much easier. I am not the only herpetology fan in Howard County.

Peepers, you probably know, and can see if you consult this chart, are early spring callers looking for a little love. Basically all nature study boils down to eating and reproduction, which is maybe the sum of human cultural activity as well. So maybe thisisafoodblog or thisisafoodandsexblog.

So if it ain’t the Peepers, as Bridget Jones asks herself while cooking and before making out with Colin Firth at the end of the movie, “Who could be calling now?”

What I heard outside in the video that is posted below and here: 

I discovered that the sounds of summer that I have loved my whole life are largely composed by the Gray Treefrog Hyla versicolor- and also debatably the Cope’s Gray Treefrog H. chyrososcelis. They mostly live in separate areas but from what I can tell overlap in Maryland. The separation may be the fall line and not the old line state, with the Cope’s Gray’s preferring the Coastal Plain and the Gray’s taking to the Piedmont, separated roughly by I-95. The froggy map can be seen here: 

(This post isn’t my favorite and it may re-appear and disappear but for now is edited down a bit, I hope you will still enjoy.)


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