Adventures in my own Backyard

Summer has been going a liiittle crazy around here. I have stepped not at all far from the house and still encountered nutty mammals aboundin’. I was driving down a country road and around a corner two nearly grown fawns were wandering with their spots on. They could not decide where to go to escape and so proceeded down the road ahead of the car in what appeared to be growing panic (don’t say I never refrained from anthropomorphizing). One eventually elected to get its tail out of the road and the other shortly followed. Good choices guys.
Meanwhile in an epic battle that is painfully reminiscent of Caddyshack, the grumpy old man toils annually to keep the groundhog out of the garden. There are a number of systems in place against the beast and the other creepy crawlers who we don’t seem to have total dominion over yet. One of them is a humane trap. Although I heard, and observed on Orange is the New Black, that solitary confinement is not actually so humane.
Today a new friend was inside! Here he is:
(photo courtesy of Erik’s iPad in its first non-Sudoku usage)
Don’t worry he is free again, to leave creepy mini human hand prints all over the driveway.
photo copy 19
(I found these the next morning).
I also encountered a cat giving out odd vibes in the yard, which I attribute to the baby bunny I then noticed laying next to him. Flashing back to a traumatic cat-baby bunny run-in from my adolescence and no longer paid to pretend to be brave in front of children, I had to get someone else to determine the bunny’s injury status. On being approached, the cat looked proud, which boded ill for the bunny, but while we provided a distraction the bunny leapt off into the bushes. The cat followed, but was spotted on the other side of the garden bunny-less. Good luck little one, but stay the heck out of the garden please k thanks.
I am thinking that it is back to school time for the mammals and that they are a little confused by being sent off to Kindergarten/college/adulthood all at once and so we find them a little more up in our faces than any of us would prefer. Although that raccoon was charming and didn’t even bite anybody in the release process.

I am:

Reading: Middlemarch, still, and now The Reformation by Diarmaid MacCulloch (cuz Early Modern European History rocks).

Listening: to Repave, streaming on NPR!

Eating: heirloom tomatoes, peaches, 1 speckled grass-fed egg, the last of the Belgian chocolates from  Ghent (oh those were meant to be gifts? Yeah I thought so too…), and also the first apple of fall.

Detail of Eve, from the right wing of the Ghent Altarpiece, 1432 (oil on panel) (see 472353, 472324)

(Eve, Ghent altarpiece) (I learned to hyperlink today)

I also ate an avocado with such a pretty pit I decided to “plant” it and grow the baby a little friend. Look they are bonding already: Image
I am hoping to re-try the avocado pruning technique that failed miserably on the original and now-dead baby since honestly every (related) website on the internet says to. But no promises.
Commercial avocados, like apples, are typically grafted. Fortunately I have no expectation of harvesting fruit from the babies because this ain’t Florida. Or Mexico, their native home. Wikipedia tells me that there is evidence of their consumption by humans in a cave there 10,000 years ago. Yum. I am picturing an avocado pit midden.
While learning to use the internet, I am experimenting with the header photo. If you look through old posts you may find new photos at the top of the blog.

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