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This blog is getting a little wild and crazy. My goal is to spend time outside, observe things, learn more about them, and share it here. It is good to be outside and it is good to get to know the world around us. Recently I have been bringing nature inside, which I still plan to write more about, and having slightly more indoor and computer time than I would absolutely prefer. When I get my communing time in it is harder to reign it into the blog.

My long-term goal is to have a little bit of a record of the seasonal events here in the glorious Mid-Atlantic. There is so much happening right now though! All this to explain why this post is going to be way way way way way less in depth than I would like. There is so much happening just today, on what I am not entirely pleased to report is the official last day of summer.


Today I went on a hike and saw more Milkweed than I’ve seen this year- but the leaves were already totally gone! The pods had attracted quite a lot of Milkweed bugs, small and large (two species). The pods were busy putting my efforts to spread their seed to shame. See how this is done in style:


I also saw three Monarchs on their migratory journey. They were very strong fliers in the wind, and the first I’ve seen this year in butterfly form.

The trees and the grass made for a pretty green landscape with just a few red and yellow leaves on some Persimmon trees. The weeds were getting down with the flowering. This really helped me fill in some gaps specifically related to my allergies being such mofos recently. What was flowering? My allergist said two things when I was tested and signed up for shots like four years ago, sitting in the room trying not to scratch my swollen tested back in front of him while wearing a paper gown. The first was “Are you kidding me, you’ve never seen an allergist before?” and the second “Basically you are allergic to the indoors and to the outdoors year-round. Can I offer you some shots?” I had better allergies in Oregon, and I think the shots have helped a lot, but last fall, just off the boat from the west coast, and now this fall again, I feel like someone is punching me in the sinuses continuously. I guess it is the weeds. Naturally I stopped to spend some quality time with these villains.


Fields of Thistle (purple), Milkweed, and Goldenrod. Lovely, compelling, and not big fans of my face.

There could be some grasses messing with me too. I don’t know what the reproductive cycle for grass is. I mean come on.

Oh yeah and I also saw some birds, seeing as this this walk was part of a field trip for my long-awaited Bird Class with the Audubon Naturalist Society! Can’t recommend these guys enough, even if, like me, you do not fall into the category of retired or near-retiring. Still bodacious. I saw Kestrels, a Yellow throated warbler, a Green Heron, lots of Lesser Yellow Legged Sandpipers, some Pileated Woodpeckers, a Northern Flicker, and some Phoebes among other birds that I had seen before and, unlike these, at least generally recognized. I’ve drifted quite far from the shore, but we even saw an Osprey!

I still don’t love binoculars, but I will grant you that you can see a lot more with them. Here’s to the next season in the field.


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