Bye Bye Baby



The Baby, the younger Monarch, came out of his chrysalis yesterday at 10:15, and inauspiciously fell like Big Brother. I rescued him. He didn’t fly, didn’t zip up his proboscis, and had trouble gripping sticks with one front foot. I took him out before leaving this morning and wished him well, without much else to offer. I tried to get the little guy onto a plant outside but he just wouldn’t hang on. Then, falling in an attempt to even crawl, he flew across the yard and around the chimney out of sight. I went to look and he wasn’t there. Glaring at the birds in the trees I spotted one flying higher up. If you ate the baby I hope you puke your guts out… but wait. That is not a bird 40 feet up in the air. It’s a butterfly. And do you know what direction it was headed?




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