Monarch Migration: Late Season Butterfly


Seen today in College Park: a late blooming friend. I have done some research on the timeline of the Monarch migration to Mexico. This research involved looking at the Audubon Naturalist Society website for when they offer their field trips. One is a butterfly migration trip in early October that goes to Cape Charles.


Cape Charles (image courtesy of Google) is sort of a funnel for migrants of the feathered and thoraxed variety in the fall and spring as they come down the coast and end up at a spit of land before they must cross the Bay. There is another ANS field trip on October 31 to Cape May that lists late Monarchs as a likely sight. I guess that the stragglers are still around, even after the first frost!

Good luck to you, lady.


FYI this ain’t no poser Viceroy. You can tell by the double row of spots along the bottom edge of the hind (lower) wing. Plus Viceroys do not migrate so I doubt they are out chillaxing now.


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