Quivering on the Moor

Only a few days old and fall pictures are outdated. The Pawpaw in the yard became fruitful, multiplied, let its leaves turn a soft mustard yellow and after a rainshower yesterday has not a leaf left to show for itself. It will be at least four months before I can oogle that angle to their dangle once again. For now they will just be showing off their dark, long, velvety slender buds, nicknamed Audubon’s paintbrush. That is cuz they look like a paintbrush and Mr. Audubon liked to get down with some mad paint. 

I didn’t get a chance to take a picture of the Paws before the leaves fell, although I knew it was all happening. 

I did take two pictures on the last very warm day we had here in Maryland last week while I was walking across the College Park campus. There is a path near my parking garage that crosses over a stream, and around it, perhaps because land use/watershed law demands it, perhaps because for once an urban planner shares my preference for little islands of the wild, there is a forest that is always filled with birds and a meadow on the edge where tall grasses and wildflowers grow. And looking down from the bridge I saw my good old friend the Sassafras showing off some shades. 



Although this individual has a lot of one lobed leaves, I spy a few typical three lobed. And of course the Sassafras also has a third leaf shape, the two lobed mitten leaf. Bonus points to you if you see one of those. 

And from the parking garage itself this little patch of freeform natural design was looking very vibrant as well. 



Man this blog used to be snarkier. I don’t really look forward to winter but I am enjoying the coziness of the dark days, and have gone downright Wuthering Heights romantic over the trees this fall. Maybe I can blame my somewhat brown but apparently rose-colored sunglasses that leave me all but quivering on the Moors when I look at red leaves through them. 


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