2013 in Nature Blogging

What a first year of blogging it has been.

My Avocado, the baby that started this WordPress adventure, is getting close to a year old now and is finally putting out some more (very giant) leaves!

Avocado Toddler

Three caterpillars, two Monarchs and a Spicebush Swallowtail came into my life and went on to greener pastures (some in the proverbial sky, one via the actual).


I tracked my local Milkweed and finally found Monarchs, although their numbers were low.


I bragged a lot about how great the Audubon Naturalist Field Studies courses I’m taking are.


While blogging and sorting out some life options I have learned so much, including that although I was actually considering it at the year’s opening, I would now have to be carried kicking and screaming into a graduate program in the liberal arts. I learned that beer can sometimes help plants grow, and that while I wish to explore alternatives, Miracle Grow also def lives up to its name. I learned what life and… life are like on the Eastern Shore of my beloved Chesapeake Bay. I learned that I want to wake up in my own bed and make my own (bird friendly!) coffee, at least on the majority of my mornings. I learned that I want to share what I know and am learning about nature with others, and this blog has been a great chance to do that. I learned that my iPhone is still popping out some high quality pics, but I’m looking forward to exploring what my new dslr can do! And I learned that taking a ton of pictures outside leaves (get it?) you with a great way to look back on the beauty of the seasons that my first full year in Maryland for quite some time has offered.

The one and only Winter Tree ID course and a Ginkgo last January.


Kids in the snow on the Eastern Shore in March.


Sunset at Echo Hill in early Aprilish. No leaves!


The Baby Goat in late May, and lots of green leaves on the trees.


July Bounty of Howard County



Sassafras, August


School bus yellow Hickory in October.


American Hornbeam fruits in class!


Bird’s nest Fungus, October


Fall color of the last of the (really great) American Chestnuts, on SugarloafImage

Spring Salamander getting ready for the winter in November.

Spring Salamander

Back to Black(water on the Eastern Shore in November)


Freakish early snow covering a sapling Red Oak in December.


On this Noche Vieja I am feeling pretty good about 2013. ยกFeliz aรฑo nuevo a todos!


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