Arctic Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Having received a Field Guide to caterpillars this Christmas, I have been learning a lot. Appropriately for the season, my focus was drawn to a chill-oriented dude.

I was surprised to learn that the longest lived caterpillar on record is the Arctic Woolly Bear at 22 years! Like its cousin the Woolly Bear, Β it spends the winter as a caterpillar frozen through (described here). However while Woolly Bears in Maryland thaw, pupate, and emerge as the Isabella Tiger Moth in the spring, the Arctic Woolly Bears spend another brief cold “summer” as a caterpillar, and routinely freeze over for 14 more winters before one summer they finally pupate and reproduce and die all in about 24 hours. Sounds more intense than senior prom as far as expectations for virginity loss.
But I will not go on about this when this amazing video from Discovery’s Frozen Planet will show and tell you more, and in an accent far posher than mine. All you have to do is click.

ImageΒ (Still of frozen caterpillar stolen from film).



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