Binoculars Photography: Downy Woodpecker Eating a Praying Mantis Eggcase


The Hungry Hungry Woodpecker.

I was a little taken aback to catch a bird in the act of eating some baby insects. With my binoculars I could see it was our most common Woodpecker, the Downy. I had noticed the bird’s nest in the Japanese Maple but never the egg case right next to it. I imagine I wouldn’t have if I hadn’t been sitting in front of the window when this bird went to TOWN tearing into insect baby filled sucker. One spot on the tip seemed to be his main focus, the rest of the case is still there many days later. I hadn’t gotten much use out of my new DSLR camera since getting it for Christmas as I’ve been a busy and indoorsy lady. But this was certainly something that my iPhone would not be able to capture. Nevertheless this blog’s photography efforts remain… creative. Holding the new kit lens up and zooming all the way in revealed about as much as I could see with my naked eye. How then does this photo come your way? Well I held my binoculars up to the camera lens, and voila, this fuzzy but visible experience is ours to share. Focusing proved to be challenging since both of my hands were holding a lot of heavy glass, but it all came together somehow.


The red spot on my head means I am a boy in the case of the Downy.


Digging innnn.


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