Eastern Wood Peewee (is back in Maryland!)


(Cornell’s photo)

I believe I heard an Eastern Wood Peewee outside my window in the warm weather yesterday. A true sign of spring. They are fly catchers and not here for the winter- if you only eat insects you must travel south come cold weather. That makes this my first official (heard but not seen) returned migratory species! I may have seen plenty of others in the past, but until now I would’t have known it. I do remember my friend showing me a Peewee once, recognizable for continuously bobbing its tail. Stirring up the flies, she said. Welcome friend!


*Update from August 2014- in the ongoing adventure that is learning (and especially learning to bird- and especially to bird by ear!) I want to inform the reader that I have been told by two reputable sources that the Peewee is the last of the flycatchers to return to Maryland… And that this happens sometime closer to May. I am left to wonder what I heard- I remember comparing it to a Phoebe and a Peewee call and deciding that the choice was clear. Like in the Polar Express now I can no longer hear its sweet sound… although I have recently heard what I believe to be Peewees on the Farm. Someone made some noise on this date back in March, but I can no longer claim to say who. (I’ll leave that to the owls…) 


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