Spring Marches Through

Spring comes from the South. If you go north or up a mountain you recede backwards in time, into the winter, into an earlier spring. It is a rare exception to the eternal certainty of time’s forward march (taking place in March!). It also, really really really, takes place in May. This weekend I had the pleasure of going on a wildflower/birding trip to Thompson’s in VA. Although we went south, the elevation was high enough that none of the trees had leafed out yet, while here in Silver Spring the Maples and the Tulip Tree leaves are approaching full size. Following crazy rain on Wednesday, the Redbud flowers were largely washed away and diminished.

Imagine my delight then, to discover that what a grumpy old man once told me was true: DC is about a week ahead of where I grew up in Western Howard County Maryland. When I walked into the backyard the Redbud (the same one that the Spicebush baby was hanging on this winter) was in full pink flower, just as breathtaking as ever; moreso because I believed I wouldn’t be seeing them again for another year.



Life is better when summer is coming. Sitting here with the windows open at night I just don’t think I could have imagined being this relaxed a month ago. Slices of heaven time again.




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