Long Wind

It has long haunted me that, while writing in this blog is enjoyable, the time that I put into into writing it is spent inside, on a computer, on the internet. Although in those wilder days I believed that work time spent inside on a computer was the stuff of a life wasted, more recently I have compromised so substantially in order to be financially (and physically) not uncomfortable, that I kind of accept that this too counts as life not of utter waste. It does still bother me when I pay attention to how much time directly related to any given blog post is spent inside rather than out. 

That is only part of why I’ve been writing less. When I look back on the last year+ I can’t believe how much I have learned about the natural world that is around me and in me and that I am in. It is, to quote KidFury, EVERYTHING. When I was getting started I wanted to share what I was learning and what I was thinking about while I was learning it. I wanted to engage nature not just at the level of identification or even ecology, but of the many human cultures it has made, through which we categorize and collect and compare. 

Right now, in May, in the middle of the spring migration, the rapid appearance and maturation of the leaves, the coming and already the going of spring ephemeral wildflowers, the changes far too fast to keep track of, I truly cannot stop to conceptualize. Thoughts may pass in and out but the present moment remains full of more than I can absorb. 

I am learning bird calls. I am seeing new birds and flowers every day. I found a baby bird today and I saw birds nesting (in holes in trees!) and I saw Scarlet Tanagers and Towhees and warblers and Yellow Crowned Night Herons. I am so happy to have returned to the promised land of not being able to imagine what winter feels like and how it could possibly return.

This is all just to say that I would like to show you some photos, but truly, I don’t know if I have the words to tell you what they or all of this means.


Paw Paw flowers doing their darnedest to attract some flies with their stank. 


The yellow-flowered Tree ID Mystery revealed by Mother Nature herself: Norway Maple leaves are here.



❤ Sligo Creek 


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