Gray Treefrog (babies!)

So, technically a baby frog is a tadpole. But these Gray Treefrogs, Hyla versicolor, live up to three years and do a lot more growing up in their froggy bodies with this time. While they may be gray later in life, when they are newbs among us they are a brilliant green and maybe still deserve the title of baby (in both the young and the Dirty Dancing ways).


The Gray Treefrog is starting to holler in these Maryland parts. To my ears it is a sure sign of summer. In fact, this blog is getting close to turning one year old, and I have already discussed my love for their sweet sweet sounds in another post! Like Thoreau’s Wood Thrush, this is one of those calls that grants a moment of perfect youth, whatever your age.

Today I went birding at the buttcrack of dawn and saw a lotofthings including some that I had ardently been wishing for (like nesting Baltimore Orioles that I literally wished for out loud moments before seeing!).

Butt also I actually blogged about how I would love to see one of these tiny tree frog suckers that make such a big noise. And today I saw approximately 200 all within a few meters on the C&O canal at Pennyfield Lock. They were about coating the plants right next to the path opposite the canal. Can you spot 5+ in the photo below?



They are cute and they are tiny and no one really knew just what they were but I did a lot of investigation when I got home, including in my old childhood favorite, the Stokes Nature Guide to Amphibians and Reptiles (while limited in species number and photos, it has pages of life history information about included dudes. Also this guide inspired the life-long salamander search that one day led me to get a tattoo.) I found a blog that made me wonder if they were Wood Frogs, but I am reasonably confident in the ID.


If you want to hear them (you will surely recognize their sound) you can click on my link above or check out the Maryland DNR website under amphibians. Alternatively if you want to hear something amazing please listen to Dolly Parton’s new album Blue Smoke. Happy hopping!


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2 responses to “Gray Treefrog (babies!)

  1. Amelia

    Loved reading about these guys and glad to see a shout out to your salamander tattoo!

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