Season’s Sounds

I am grateful to live in a place where I get a cross-breeze and feel safe enough at night to leave my windows open. It has been hot this summer in Maryland, and often the humidity thickens the air like pectin in a jam, but I have barely used my air conditioning. The days and nights that it is on I feel trapped and claustrophobic and altogether disconnected. Disconnected from the summer no less, the most precious time of year. As I get older I have the idea that I know what comes next. Summer ends, and it usually ends before I am fully in it. It is not like when you are a child and whatever is happening now is, has been, and will be happening always and forever.
Even the filter I bought for the eternally pooping tadpoles is a little on the loud side. See I like the smell of the fresh air, but really the best thing about summer nights and open windows, and I am choosing only based on this exact moment in time, is the sound of that thick wet night. I forgot all about it, until this week when the symphony started up again. A buzz of I know not what, and crickets, just in the last few days, playing songs that remind me of all the sugary and magical summer nights I can remember. Days ago the night was quieter, and I had forgotten this sound and all the memories that went with it.

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