Monarch Development Day by Day From Egg to Butterfly!


I collected this egg after seeing the Mama Monarch lay it at Wild Peace Farm on August 2 (Saturday). Now my little baby, who I watched hatch, is a chrysalis, becoming an adult as we speak! Parenting this adolescent is really not the hardest.

Tuesdayphoto copy 5Wednesdayphoto copy 4

August 7th (Thursday) 2nd Instar- molting occurred overnightphoto copy 3

August 8th (Friday)  3rd Instar- molting observed seconds before this photo! photo copy 2

August 9 (Saturday) 3rd instar fattened up photo copy 7

August 10th (Sunday) 4th instar- molting occurred overnight!! photo copy 6

August 11 (Monday) photo copy 2

Aug 12th (Tuesday) He molted into a 5th instar on the drive to Ocean City

5th instar Monarch eating cuticle

Aug 13th (Wednesday) 5th instar and eating too much to believe!

5th instar Wed 5:13

August 14 (Thursday)photo copy

August 15 (Friday) at 11pm the J beganMonarch in a J

August 16 (Saturday) at 2:30pm- My little guy did it! This party got started at 2pm, and looked pretty set by 2:30!Brand new Monarch Chrysalis

August 20th (Wednesday) 8PM

Monarch Chrysalis clearing

August 23 (Saturday) Just Before Midnight

chrysalis clearing

August 24th (Sunday) 9AM

about to be reborn


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