All That the Rain Promises

Fall is coming. It has been sweltering. And now it is Saturday just after sunset and the heavens have opened. A coddled and beloved caterpillar grew up today, emerging from his* chrysalis while I was working on the Farm. I let him go, and I hope he finds a little shelter from this downpour! No, Creedence Clearwater, he has never seen the rain… til now.

*Only males have come out since this blog started and since I started keeping Monarchs and paying attention. 4 for 4 boys**.

ย Meanwhile, this is the first time I can ever remember being deep down glad that summer is ending. I have been working in a field under the hot sun, and feeling a little dizzy when I stand up too fast. I am ready for the birds that I have learned about these last couple seasons to finally come through for the migration- fall migrants are not dressed up in their breeding plumage, and they do not sing all their very attractive serenades, but they still come, colorful or drab, in great numbers. And of course I am also about to start an Eastern Forests class that I think will inspire many a future blog post, and stretch open my widening eyes further yet.

** 9/15/14 First girl yesterday!!!! The lovely lady flew off this morning. Although I have been predicting that they are going to Mexico since this summer’s butterfly co-habitation began, I really do believe that she will overwinter in those magical Fir forests. Butโ€ฆ she could be the mama of the very latest season Monarch, who are usually seen leaving in mid-October. I have seen one, and a local expert confirmed this for me recently after I ran into her in a field of Milkweed.


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