Verbesina alternifolia

I took a summer wildflowers class in July, and Wingstem was not yet in bloom. Still it was a notable plant, because its stem indeed had little “wings” on either side, making it a tactile pleasure. Melanie, our teacher, brought it into class a few times.

This week Melanie was on the Rock Creek Park episode of the Kojo Namdi show discussing her new book and mentioned that Wingstem is finally in bloom.

I had just been birding at Hughes Hollow near the C&O Canal where I saw these large sunflower-ish flowers that our Fearless Leader called “Winged Sunflower.” I reached out to touch, and my fingers remembered before my brain quite did- I had found the Wingstem in bloom!


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  1. Tamara

    I like that you said your fingers remembered before your brain. I am struck by the sensitivity and memory in our touch. I don’t know if I told you about building beehives with a former engineer. His precision blew my mind. He told me to use my fingers instead of my eyes to judge if something was flush, because our fingers are so sensitive they can pick up minute differences that our eyes will miss.

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