November 2014 Fall Fruits at Sligo Creek

On a walk today (I hope you took one too because I think the whole winter thing is about to get realer) I was amazed that so many trees are still in full orange yellow and red throwdown mode. I have a book called Fall Color and Woodland Harvest that is wonderful- but who needs it when you have days like this to see it in person?

The Witch Hazel was blooming! Witch Hazel

And the Poison Ivy was in fruit… It isn’t the friendliest vine from the human point of view, but a little bird told me those berries are good to eat during the cold weather if you happen to be a feathered friend. Poison Ivy berries

My old friend the Mimosa Tree was there too. Unlike the native plants noted above, this is one is invasive. In the spring I saw its pink Barbie flowers, and now those flowers have turned into new trees-to-be with their own DNA tucked into peapods, ready to usurp the niches of other species. Now it is fruiting like crazy, as invasives, I’m told, are prone to do.

They fruits are the ones backlit by the blue sky.


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