Good Wood at Mattawoman

Winter is a season of bare trees. In honor of the days of little light I offer you evidence of animals interacting with some good ol’ wood. In the background you can see Mattawoman Creek in Charles County Maryland.

Beaver Chewed Tree… Seriously.

A beaver went almost all the way with this tree…  Not sure if he hoped to dam this wide body of water and changed his mind or was just giving his teeth a workout. Talk about your widow-makers…

Beaver damage

This tree, surrounded by Post Oak leaves, was a few feet away. Less chewed through but an equally poor prognosis.

Woodpecker holes

Woodpecker holes, I assume, about the size of the Red-Bellied’s I have seen, but perhaps a Red Headed made these! I saw my first ones here.

photo copy 3

They were at eye level…

photo copy

So I peeked inside.


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