This is EVERYTHING. Giant walking stick story on NPR*.

This has everything I like, from re-discovering a presumed extinct nocturnal insect to maritime exploration to being preachy about invasive species to underwater volcanoes. It even has rock-climbing which nowadays I only fake-like but in this case am SOLD. My one caveat would be reintroduction. Krulwich, someone I sometimes like, Wonders about everything but seems to presume this is the best plan. I would like to point out that deer, too, were reintroduced to Maryland after completely disappearing. And hasn’t that gone perfectly? Just sayin’. Meanwhile, to the 24 wild insects making it work for millennia or whatever on this random rock, I could not be happier to know you are out there.

*If you clicked on this link before and it was about statins, you may have wondered what was going on! The link should be correct now.


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