Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

In the winter I saw some old Oriole nests in Sycamores by Lake Kittamaquandi at the Columbia Mall. Now it is high migration season and early-mid nesting season (many people have told me they’ve seen songbird fledglings already, although I have not). And on Sunday I saw and heard both Orchard and Baltimore Orioles. I also saw (thanks to some birders I ran into) the new green nests of both species! Both nests are woven hanging bags, but the Orchard Oriole nests are smaller and tend to be at the top of the tree. The Baltimore Orioles nests are more dramatically hung like a hammock and are larger. When they are new the birds also seem to wrap some living leaves around the edge of the nest, making them a little harder to see than the old brown nest below, which is from last year. I took all these photos through my binoculars. It is a spotty technique but I have been having better luck with it, and the Male Baltimore Oriole in these photos was exceptionally cooperative.

Baltimore Oriole Nest

Bmore Oriole


Baltimore Oriole by Columbia Mall


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