Have you ever had a blog

Have you ever had a blog? And have you thought to yourself about the things you would like to write in your blog (about nesting owls, invasive birds of the Caribbean, Kris Kardashian) if only you had a little more time? First, time to pay more attention looking for those things* and second time to think and write about them. And then have you instead finally devoted most of your lunch hour to reading What the Robin Knows, a book that encourages Soft Eyes for observing the natural world, and for absorbing the different things that the birds are each communicating about theΒ natural world? And have you, on reading this, noted that you have also been hearing a lot about these Soft Eyes in Season 4 of the Wire, which somehow in spite of it all you have found the time to watch most of? And have you rushed home from work to go for your first real run since the piles of snow from a blizzard melted, and thought about softening your eyes as you passed through your own neighborhood on the way back? Did you notice that the sun was beginning to set, but that nevertheless the birds seemed unusually silent and already to be fully hidden in their nighttime bushes? And then did you think, my eyes are soft, and just then as you reached for the screen door handle on the side of your house look up and see a Sharp Shinned Hawk watching you, watching the neighborhood, from a low branch in a skinny young tree? And did you stand there and watch it, for minutes, turning its head this way, and that, looking at you, and did you think, I am relaxed, I can’t hide from you, see how I am here, too? And how I have been here for nearly two years now, have you? And did you see the orange barring on the chest, the very square corners of the very long, faintly striped tail? And the darkness around the eyes, the incredible size of the hooked beak? Did you wonder if you would recognize this very bird, if you saw it again? Did you wonder if it had just eaten a bird previously living in your yard? And did you feel like something so amazing was happening, and feel thankful, just before the bird gently left its perch and swooped down toward you, right toward your head, and flew over you by just a few feet, and then did you turn and see it looking back at you as it flew around the corner, and did you run and see it fly off quite simply into the sunset? Did anything like that ever happen to you? And did you know what it means?

*Ok, it doesn’t take long to find any part of Kris Jenner’s life if that is what you would like to look at.


If you have a big decision to make, will you take this as a powerful sign sent to you from whatever it is that is bigger than all of us, just beyond the view of even the softest eyes?

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  1. Amelia

    damn, this was beautiful

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