A Polyphemus Moth Grows Up

Three Polyphemus Eggs hatched on June 13th.


My oh my how the time has flown, because just yesterday the first emerged from her cocoon! Here is the tiny caterpillar that almost escaped but that I finally found, after a lot of searching, clinging to my own hair.

IMG_7005.JPGSo furry! So big! How can those two photos be of the same creature sitting on my hand?

IMG_7002.JPGSee that belly full of eggs? I hope that she is out there laying them on a nice Oak tree. May the circle be unbroken.

FullSizeRender copy.jpg

Not pictured: what must amount to a tree’s worth of White Oak leaves that made all this growth possible (I am exaggerating; it was a lot of leaves). More to say about these moths and some things I learned (that I couldn’t find out even from my friend Google, or from my acquaintance the Entomologist) to be posted here soon!


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