Winter’s Solace


The shortest time of the year is also the beginning of the days getting longer, and for now it isn’t even so unbearably cold out.
Comparison with summer is unfair, but once summer is far enough away it is also impossible.
This may be how we get through difficult times in our lives, because we forget things can be so wonderful and we continue to find whatever comforts we can.
This may be why sometimes people get very drunk or a bit worse at weddings.

Last year in late February the buds were breaking on the Maples, beginning the botanical cycle that would accelerate faster than anyone can measure. The last tree to bloom here is the Witch Hazel, in late November. That means that although winter can seem long, it is only 2 very short months without flowers.
Those months start now, but they aren’t so bad. I enjoy a little indoor time to watch the Office and make the inside of my house look more like the outside and also to light candles and sit next to the oven when the radiator goes too long without coming on. After awhile I stop noticing that this is a pale shadow of what my life was in warmer times. My gaze is less sharp and that fuzziness itself is a little like drinking, or like love.

Witch Hazel in Bloom .JPG


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