Ferns, Fungi, and a Flowering Plant

I went on a plant walk along the Gunpowder with the Maryland Native Plant Society. I remember being amazed by the birders who could hear and ID Parulas, Yellow Throated Warblers, and Louisiana Waterthrushes in the distance on early spring trips to look for salamanders and flowers. Now I find that I am one of them. It is so much easier to learn the harder songs now that I find other songs so familiar. It also helps to know who to expect when, and where. These three warblers show up early, although quickly more are coming. I actually saw a pair of Louisiana Waterthrushes near what may be a nest. They make nests in mud banks, they are warblers despite their name, their legs are pink and their chip call is loud. But plants are easier to take pictures of.

IMG_0666.JPGMarginal Fern

IMG_0669.JPGRue Anemone

IMG_0684.JPGInterrupted Fern

IMG_0676.JPGSpores of a Sensitive Fern

IMG_0678.JPGSensitive Fern

IMG_0687.JPGSomeone picked this morel

IMG_0692.JPGSo I kept this one secret

IMG_0681.JPGMayapple, like the ones the Box Turtles ate in my childhood backyard, oh ephemera, the seeing so short and the forgetting so long.


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