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Get Sprung

Is everycreepingthing still a blog? Gee whizz, you could have fooled me, I guess it is!

Although historically experiencing a degree of hibernation each winter, recent inactive seasons may have led to some uncertainty about whether Instagram has fully replaced this outlet. Well, rest assured we are awakening from our slumber, earlier than ever before, and we are ready to learn!

Yesterday was almost 70 degrees here in Maryland. It is kind of nuts, and no guarantee that we won’t yet have a blizzard, but I am so relieved. I had forgotten how wonderful it smells to sleep with the window open, and feel sunshine on my skin.

I am also happy to report that despite growing knowledge about our natural world, this time of year is still filled with eternal rites of passage that I somehow have never even noticed happening before my eyes. Continue reading

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Winter’s Solace


The shortest time of the year is also the beginning of the days getting longer, and for now it isn’t even so unbearably cold out.
Comparison with summer is unfair, but once summer is far enough away it is also impossible. Continue reading

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Late February


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Groundhog’s Day

This blog has basically been hibernating since the solstice. No doubt this has something to do with my recently increased work hours and some demanding extra-curricular activities. But the same blogging lull also took place last winter. The natural world is at its quietest during those cold dark six weeks. There is less to see, less daylight after work to see it with. It is a strange time of year. I have spent some of my indoor-kid time thinking about the Wicca class I took in college with my favorite religious studies professor.


The Wiccan Wheel of the Year divides the Earth’s annual orbit into four parts, the solstices and the equinoxes, and then four parts again, the points halfway between these. Each part lasts for six weeks. Groundhog’s Day, or Imbolc to the Wiccans, is celebrated half-way between Christmas/Chanuka/Solstice and Easter/Passover/Equinox. Today in the U.S. the celebration of this strange seasonal transition is perhaps most visible in the strange form of the Superbowl. But not to be forgotten, Groundhog’s Day remains with us as the Paganieist of our Pagan remnents- a holiday when we literally seek a weather forecast from a furry rodent. What will these next six wheeling weeks bring- more winter? Almost always. But we remember that Spring is on its way. The birds get more visible, and more desperate, as the winter progresses. Temperatures are low and birdies extra desperately need their food- which there is less of by now- the best berries have already been eaten. Birds also like the sun, and are more easily seen and heard on bright days. Recently I have heard the Red Bellied Woodpeckers, the Nuthatches, and the White Throated Sparrows making a racket in the yard again. Cardinals and Song Sparrows have started singing morning make-out music. They were quiet during the darkest days. Now it only gets colder, but nature is waking up. So too this blog… perhaps.

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The sun is setting so early now, but the days will only get longer from here. Those of us who just started full-time jobs and are always cold cannot honestly embrace the winter. But although it has technically only just started (!!!!???) at least coming home from work will soon involve sunshine enough to go for a walk or a run and check out all those bountiful winter buds.

Meanwhile I have legally downloaded some new music and found some great youtube videos and am basically living the indoor millennial dream.

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November 2014 Fall Fruits at Sligo Creek

On a walk today (I hope you took one too because I think the whole winter thing is about to get realer) I was amazed that so many trees are still in full orange yellow and red throwdown mode. I have a book called Fall Color and Woodland Harvest that is wonderful- but who needs it when you have days like this to see it in person?

The Witch Hazel was blooming! Witch Hazel

And the Poison Ivy was in fruit… It isn’t the friendliest vine from the human point of view, but a little bird told me those berries are good to eat during the cold weather if you happen to be a feathered friend. Poison Ivy berries

My old friend the Mimosa Tree was there too. Continue reading

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Season’s Sounds

I am grateful to live in a place where I get a cross-breeze and feel safe enough at night to leave my windows open. It has been hot this summer in Maryland, and often the humidity thickens the air like pectin in a jam, but I have barely used my air conditioning. The days and nights that it is on I feel trapped and claustrophobic and altogether disconnected. Disconnected from the summer no less, the most precious time of year. As I get older I have the idea that I know what comes next. Summer ends, and it usually ends before I am fully in it. It is not like when you are a child and whatever is happening now is, has been, and will be happening always and forever.
Even the filter I bought for the eternally pooping tadpoles is a little on the loud side. See I like the smell of the fresh air, but really the best thing about summer nights and open windows, and I am choosing only based on this exact moment in time, is the sound of that thick wet night. I forgot all about it, until this week when the symphony started up again. A buzz of I know not what, and crickets, just in the last few days, playing songs that remind me of all the sugary and magical summer nights I can remember. Days ago the night was quieter, and I had forgotten this sound and all the memories that went with it.

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1 Year Old

Happy One-Year Anniversary to this blog! First birthdays are special, and especially meaningful to a girl has documented the comings and goings (and mind-wanderings) of 4 entire seasons on a small piece of the Earth.
One year ago I had just returned to this Western shore of Maryland, and here I have remained while seeing and thinking and writing about the wilds of the suburban edge.
I like it here! I like the world outside, and I am very thankful to have learned so much about it, and grateful for friends and strangers who have laughed or learned or looked at this, whatever it is.

If you would like to read any of the posts I am most proud of, I list them here for you.

Forbidden Fruit
Denmark and Anne Frank
Trees Have Rights Too!

I hope you will stick around and see what happens.
I still have some growing to do!

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Trout Lily

The spring wildflowers are coming out in abundance- it is their favorite time of year, when the leaves haven’t come far out on the trees to block out the sun, and the temperatures are rising enough for sweet little pollinators to come and help the flowers achieve their sexy goals.



It is amazing that these small plants spend years putting out one small leaf, and dying back. The leaf photosynthesizes away and the plant stores up the energy that it created, and after many springs it has enough stored sugars to produce two leaves, and then it is ready to create a flower too. That flower might be lucky enough to get pollinated and form a new seed which could produce its own flower in 7 years.



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I have moved south, although I am still in Maryland (jusssst barely). It has been a rough and long winter for this fair state. A bright spot in my new world is the discovery that my yard backs up to a forested park with a stream (the Northwest Branch of the Anacostia River). The first time I walked down the path I heard the rattling call of a Belted Kingfisher as it flew along the bank. With the steam rising, and on a warmer day, it was like stepping into a prehistoric world.


Today there are 6 inches of snow on the ground, so a very unusual St Patrick’s Day to you. The day before all the snow, lying on my mattress and gazing out my window into the trees, I saw four different species of woodpecker. In a 20 minute timeframe. Are you seriously telling me I am practically in the city right now? One was my old fav, the Pileated. I also saw the more frequently heard Red Bellied, and I even was so lucky to see a Downy Woodpecker and a Hairy Woodpecker next to each other on the same tree. For the non-bird-nerd, those two look nearly identical, but the Hairy is much bigger with quite a long bill, so side by side the contrast was super clear.

It is a delight, and although today was wintry as all shizzle, a snow day I mostly spent watching Beyonce documentaries, there is hope for spring. It just might bring more reasons for blogging along with it.  Life truly is but a dream.


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